Pastoral Council/Vibrant Parish Minutes October 5, 2016

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Pastoral Council/Vibrant Parish Minutes October 5, 2016

Pastoral Council/Vibrant Parish Minutes

October 5, 2016

Pastoral Council Members:  Bernadette Drabik (Chairperson), Natalka Verzole (Vice Chairperson), Zoriana Mangione (Trustee), Irene Skalij, Diane Filak.  Representatives:  Jo Ann Dunne (OMPHS), Fr. Mikhail Myshchuk, Fr.  Deacon Thomas Gutch

In Attendance: Fr. Mikhail Myshchuk, Bernadette Drabik, Natalka Verzole, Irene Skalij, Zoriana Mangione, Diane Filak, Jo Ann Dunne and guest Frank Bellicose. Fr. Mikhail opened the meeting with a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Society: Jo Ann Dunne reported the Society has is continuing to make regular monthly visits to our sick and homebound parishioners, making telephone calls and sending cards. In October we plan to celebrate three 90th birthdays, Julia Adamovich on Oct. 3, Helen Krill on Oct. 6 and Mary Caldwell on Oct. 16. On the first Sunday in November we will commemorate the milestone birthdays of all parishioners who will be 95 years of age or older by December 31, 2016. There will be a combined Liturgy followed by a lunch of ziti and meatballs and a birthday cake served in the church hall. Invitations to the honorees will be sent out soon. Members of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Society will be in charge of the food and cleanup.

Religious Education: Bernadette Drabik reported that twenty to twenty two children are enrolled with one preparing for Holy First Communion. Christmas cards for sick and homebound parishioners will be worked on next week.

Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy:

We have two more sessions to go, the blanket drive in October and the food drive in November.

October will be Blanket Month. Under Corporal Works of Mercy “Shelter the Homeless we will collect new blankets to be given to Joseph’s House and Capital City Rescue Mission. So far we have collected 25 blankets.

November will be Food Drive Month. This will be under “Feed the Hungry,” and food will be collected for Thanksgiving food baskets. Bernie will check to find out what types of food are needed.

Lenten Mission for 2017 – Father Mikhail checked on line to find out what is required to invite Vinny Flynn to speak. It appears that the fee is $1,500 plus hotel, travel and expenses. Due to the cost, we would need permission from the eparchy to invite him.  Our backup plan is to invite Fr. Bohdan Hedz is a priest in Long Island who has been a priest for three or four years.  Provided that the dates can be worked out, he will do a mission at a parish if the parish priest agrees to do a mission at his parish in exchange.


Post Sobor – The Post Sobor conference on the Vibrant Parish will be held in Stamford on October 8th. An announcement has been placed in the bulletin for anyone who would like to attend. Bernie checked on line and found a vast amount of information on the Vibrant Parish and the Sobor.

People Who No Longer Come to Church: There was further discussion as to how to reach out to people who are no longer coming to church. It was suggested that we send them a letter, but it seems as though one letter would not fit all situations. We would need letters that are personal and fit the situation; they need to be carefully written so as to open up a dialogue. Has the person found another church, been offended about something, become unable to attend church, or has just been “too busy” or “too tired” to attend. No one volunteered to take on this task yet. Zoriana suggested that we may mention our Vibrant Parish activities, “see what you are missing, come and join us.”


First Sunday Luncheons – The schedule for first Sunday luncheons so far are as follows:

  • November: Our Mother of Perpetual Help Society will be in charge of the food after a Divine Liturgy for all parishioners who will be 95 years of age or older by December 31, 2016. Ziti and homemade meatballs are on the menu.
  • December: Bishop Paul will be coming to our St. Nicholas Day celebration. Details need to be worked out. Natalka will work with the children. We will have two boys and two girls greet him, two will speak in Ukrainian and two in English. Zoriana will write a bulletin announcement. Joe Proctor said that he will be able to cater. Zoriana and other members were putting together suggestions for the menu. They decided on chicken, potatoes, hot mixed vegetables, tossed salad and rolls. Zoriana needs to check with Joe regarding the final menu. We will ask the Ukrainian School mothers to provide desserts. A plan needs to be worked out so that only those who have tickets will be served. This will be discussed further at our next meeting.
  • January: Needs to be discussed at a further meeting.

Clean Up: Participation in clean up is improving, but we still need to remind them.

Suggestions: There were none.

Dominican Retreat House: The cost is $250.00 on weekends. There is one on Election Day for $25.00 to $30.00.

Holy Land Visit: Mentioned but no final plans made.

New Business: Father has just returned from clergy days. He reported that the bishop was happy about the churches being invigorated during the Extraordinary Year of Divine Mercy. He would like to continue the program during the following year.

Ukrainian Catechism in English: There is now an Eastern Rite Ukrainian Catechism Book available written in English, which costs $25.00. Since many Pastoral Council members expressed interest in buying the book, Father will order about 20 copies to sell and if more is needed we will order more. He will consider conducting adult catechism classes at a later date if there is sufficient interest.

New DVD of the Divine Liturgy: Diane Filak asked about the possibility of doing a new DVD recording of the Divine Liturgy using modern technology in a simple format so that it would be available to our people who are unable to come to church. Frank Bellicose suggested hiring professionals to do the recording. Our lack of a choir has prevented us from recording any new DVD in recent years. No decision was made at this meeting.

Father closed the meeting with a prayer.

Next Meeting: Nov. 2, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Dunne


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