Parish Cemetery

TO:      Parishioners of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church Parishioners of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church Family members of those buried in St. Nicholas Cemetery

The St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Watervliet, NY is the final resting place of our loved ones. We want the Cemetery to be a pleasant, peaceful, attractive area that needs to be preserved for years to come.

To insure this will effectively happen, the Cemetery Committee (a subcommittee of the Church Council) has obtained information from various church and corporate cemeteries in the area. We have studied this information along with what have been the practices at St. Nicholas Cemetery and have developed a set of formal guidelines for our Cemetery. Many of these practices have been in effect; however, since they have not been in writing they have easily been forgotten. As a result, the Cemetery has been less attractive and the maintenance more difficult, expensive and time-consuming. A great deal of time, effort and sensitivity has been focused toward developing these guidelines. It is our hope they will not be looked upon as limiting, but as an organized plan for care, maintenance and beauty.

We ask your full cooperation in this matter. Please read the enclosed information, bring it with you the next time you visit the graves of your loved ones and see if you are in compliance. If you are not, we ask you to make the necessary adjustments.

A concentrated effort by all involved is needed to maintain and preserve the beauty of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery as well as the environment. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact

Pastor                           Rev. Mikhail Myshchuk                      273-6752

Trustee                        Nicholas Fil                                                   785-7596

                                        Donna Getman                                           663-5918




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Cemetery regulations play a very important part in maintaining the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Watervliet, N. Y. as an attractive and sacred resting place for our departed family members. These regulations are intended to outline an orderly plan of operation, care and permanent maintenance.

All lots and graves in the Cemetery shall be subject to these regulations and any changes that are adopted. All lot owners and visitors are to respect the enforcement of the following regulations. Your cooperation will be appreciated.


The name of the cemetery is ST. NICHOLAS UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY of Watervliet, New York.


The official records of all lot owners shall be maintained by the Cemetery at its designated office where each lot owner shall be registered by name and address. Such registration shall be the governing record in determining lot ownership.


It shall be the responsibility of each and every lot owner to keep the Cemetery office fully informed of his/her current address, and any subsequent changes. Notices sent to the last registered address shall be considered sufficient and legal notice.


Certificates for lots will not be issued until the purchase price is paid in full. Single graves shall require payment in full at the time of purchase. Two or more graves shall require payment of one grave or 1/3 of the total graves purchased. The balance for AT-NEED graves shall be due within 30 days of purchase. PRE-NEED graves payment shall be due within six (6) months of date of purchase.


Lot owners ARE NOT ALLOWED to sell the Right of Burial in lots in whole or in part except to the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery as defined in your deed. Sales to others WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED BY THE Cemetery and the Right of Burial will be denied to any purchaser.


The outer burial case or vault must be either a one-piece concrete or steel vault or of a material approved by the Cemetery. The use of wooden boxes shall be prohibited.

Cremated remains may be buried in those sections where available, or a maximum of two (2) Cremated remains will be permitted in one (1) unoccupied adult grave. Burial of remains on top of an already occupied adult grave may be permitted by the Cemetery, if depth of the previous interment allows.


Urns free standing urns are not allowed in the future. When an existing urn is removed, it cannot be replaced.

Mausoleums – are not allowed. Benches – are not allowed.


Monuments must be of granite.


Vertical Monuments the maximum height, including the base and the top (called a die), will be limited to 48″ from ground level.

Horizontal Monuments – the maximum height, including the base and the top, will be limited to 42″ from ground level.

Base – dimensions shall be no more than 8″ high and 14: deep.

Base Widthon a single grave the maximum width will be 32″.

on two (2) or more graves the maximum width will be 50% of the width of the lots.

Foundationthe minimum depth shall be below the frost line (3′), preferably 4′ or slightly below interment. Forms shall be square and plumb.

Lot owners should provide the Cemetery office or the grave digger a dimension sketch with the foundation order from the monument company.


  • Flower beds will be a maximum of 18″ from the base, and be the length of the base of the monument.
  • Edging around flower beds will be within the dimensions of the flower bed. Edging will be only around the flower bed. The height of the edging will be no higher than 2″ above ground level, but ground level is preferred to allow for proper mowing.
  • The above ground flower growth should be contained within the flower bed dimensions.
  • Potted plants are not allowed.
  • Flower boxes are not allowed.
  • Artificial flowers are not allowed.
  • Ornaments, decorations, jars, bottles, crockery, Styrofoam, or balloons are not allowed.
  • All annual plants are to be removed from the Cemetery by November 1.
  • Flags may be placed in the flower bed next to the monument.


  • No trees or shrubs will be allowed in the future.
  • Shrubs, now present, will be trimmed to a maximum diameter of 18″ and a maximum
  • Height of 42″ from the ground. Shrubs shall not extend beyond the owner’s lot.
  • Shrubs removed for any reason cannot be replaced.
  • Fences and Hedges – are not allowed.
  • Baskets – are not allowed.


Additional regulations relating to the business, administration and management of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery are on file in the office of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, 2410 Fourth Ave., Watervliet, N.Y. 12189