Our Mother of Perpetual Help Society



During his pastorship (1979-1992) Father Theodore Humanitzki experienced many visits to the sick and shut-ins of the parish.  Noticing the increase in visits, he suggested that a group of volunteers organize a program to call on these parishioners on a regular schedule whether they were in the hospital, homebound or in nursing/adult homes.

The first meeting of interested individuals was held June 4, 1990. Father Ted’s inspiring word of what Jesus taught us, “I was sick and you visited me; I was hungry and you fed me….” led to the creation of the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Society.  Dr. Hrebeniak who attended that first meeting, suggested the name for the Society. Monthly meetings have been held ever since, and every two years a new roster of officers is elected according to the Society by-laws.

In addition to making monthly visits and sending special OMPHS get-well and thinking of you cards, the Society has extended the program in many other ways, including traditional Ukrainian and English caroling and gift giving at Christmastime.  At Easter time, Khrystos Voskres (Christ is Risen) is sung and a remembrance is given. Recipients often join in the singing with joy and sadness, laughter and tears being shared. Another activity of the Society includes sending church bulletins to parishioners who are not able to come to church services. Parishioners who are 80 years of age and older are remembered with birthday cards. An appropriate recognition such as a Liturgy, a moleben service, or floral arrangement are a few examples of the commemoration given to those reaching 90 years of age. A liturgy is offered by the members of the Society bi-annually for the health and well-being of all sick and homebound parishioners.

The members of the Society serve as a spiritual and physical connection to the sick and elderly of the parish.  Working with the pastor and through the grace of God, the goal of the Society is to accomplish these small acts of compassion and love for others.