Pastoral Council Minutes June 14, 2017

Pastoral Council Minutes June 14, 2017

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Pastoral Council/Vibrant Parish
Minutes June 14, 2017

Pastoral Council Members: Bernadette Drabik (Chairperson), Zoriana Mangione (Trustee), Irene Skalij, Diane Filak, Patricia Dudley. Representatives: Jo Ann Dunne (OMPHS), Fr. Mikhail Myshchuk, Fr. Deacon Thomas Gutch
In Attendance: Fr. Mikhail Myshchuk, Fr. Deacon Thomas Gutch, Bernadette Drabik, Diane Filak, Patricia Dudley, Zoriana Mangione, Jo Ann Dunne.
The meeting was opened by Fr. Mikhail with a prayer.
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Society: Jo Ann Dunne reported that Society members continue to visit and call to our sick and homebound parishioners. Our Society has requested a Divine Liturgy for +Luba Mokey on June 19th at 10:00 a.m. Pauline Storonsky will celebrate her 90th birthday on July 10th. Plans are being made in accordance with Pauline’s wishes. We welcome two new members of the Society, Jack and Meg Ihnatolya.
Religious Education: One student has received Solemn Holy First Communion this year on May 7th. A Moleben will be celebrated to mark the end of the school year.
Parish Picnic—Father contacted the Ukrainian Community and no plans have been made yet. They tend to want to go to the new pavilion in Cohoes, probably August 27th.
Dates of August 13, 20 and 27 are open at the Arsenal. One suggestion was Slidin’ Dirty for a caterer, but we do not know whether they have clearance for the Arsenal. Or, we can bring our own lunches. Zoriana suggested that if the Ukrainian Community has something we should not have something separate. Father Mikhail suggested having something together if possible. August 6-19 is Dance Camp.
Pilgrimage – The pilgrimage was beautiful and indescribable, very spiritual. There was a Divine Liturgy every day, sometimes three or four. There were candlelight processions and much walking on their knees.
Natalka has asked Bernie if she could organize a day at Stockbridge. There are questions about scheduling something at Auriesville. Should we plan something with a Divine Liturgy including Watervliet, Cohoes and Amsterdam? Fr. Deacon Tom will gather information.
Suggestions: There were no suggestions.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish had a festival on May 19 and 20th and invited many parishes to rent a booth to sell their ethnic foods and/or crafts. Those who attended the festival found more than they expected. There was food for sale from various churches and also a petting zoo. Zoropad Dance Group performed and many said that they were the best. Two bands were playing. There was a fairly large turnout.
Joseph’s House—has requested donations for the warm weather. Tee shirts, flip flops for taking showers, men’s boxers and personal grooming products were requested. Bernie will bring in bins for the collection.
Pamphlets—Bernie has ordered new pamphlets. Father suggested putting them in the vestibule. He will ask Mr. Oliynyk to make something to hold them, maybe mount it on the library door.
Sight and Sound Theatre—Fr. Deacon Tom said that they have all religious subjects; they use live animals in their productions and actors approach from right and left and down the center isle so that the audience feels immersed in the production. He said that they saw Jonah and the Whale, and that the productions are better than Broadway. Fr. Mikhail will find out more. It sounds like a good idea for a trip, maybe in October.
Next Meeting: Sept. 6, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ann Dunne

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